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Despite the radio silence on the blogosphere, I have actually been quite busy.

And the most exciting thing is that I finally (with the help and support of Betsy, lots of other snb friends and an unfortunate amount of cake) got my loom all warped up and weaving!

So please meet Barbara, the new lady in my life. She’s a 4 shaft tabletop loom that I scored for $55 on ebay, and who languished in my garage for a year until I got myself together and set her up.
So far one of the best things about dipping into the world of weaving is the language- every part has wonderfully strange yet evocative names. See the white pine that doesn’t match the rest of the loom? That’s because Babs didn’t come with a handtree to hold the reed to the beater, so we had to make one. Impressed??
Besides opening up a whole new world of linguistic delights, weaving has also made me a regular visitor to Bunnings, to make wooden bits for the loom, such as the handtree and also a warping board and other bobs.

So, after warping up for half a day (what a process!) I am now working through my first ‘test’ piece in a delightful high vis safety orange 4 ply cotton of which I have a large cone.

Views from side (to see sheds) and rear. Note handy little shelf for snips and cups of tea

Babs is a nice light weight, which means I can move her around myself to the table or the floor (my preferred spot) to work.

The first year plan is making scarves and exploring different weave patterns. I’m looking forward to many happy hours of listening to Joanna Newsom and weaving with Barbara. Welcome to the family 🙂