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Isn’t it funny how things turn out? For a few years now I’ve been thinking and saying how much I would love to work at the State Library or similar running cultural activities. I’ve never very actively followed it up, and have been caught up  in the shittiness of my current job (see whinge posts below)

However lately my working life has started to improve, I am starting to feel like I have a handle on things and am really getting my teeth into stuff. It only took a year, but I am Amazing! (my new positive affirmation) and I can do it! I have things to achieve in this role, big whopping things that can really improve libraries and students and my own ambitions. It’s exciting stuff.

And out of the blue I am involved in a Brisbane City Council community arts project AND the Brisbane Festival! Knitting is just so hot right now, and the snb is up for grabs. When I started this blog I posted that I wanted to dredge up my dormant creative soul, and I guess the universe agrees. In commemoration of this surge of positive energy I have created a new category called booyah!

Now I just have to read this post every time I have a meltdown over the next few months from overcommitment, remove the pencil from my eye and remember I wanted this to happen. Here’s to a plethora of Booyahs in future posts