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OK, confession time.
Jane Brocket was discussing how she read An Education ‘in one ‘gulp’ or ‘glorious go” after seeing the movie.
Which reminded me of the last time I did such a thing. It’s pretty rare these days for me to read in one gulp. Is it as I get older and have more to do I just don’t have the leisure time? Not really. I think it’s been an awfully long time since I’ve found an easy to read ‘unput-downable’ book. I guess my standards are getting higher, like when you’re too old to appreciate Milo straight from the tin. Which kind of sucks.

So here’s the ugly bit- the last time was about 2 years ago…. and it was Twilight. *cringe*
I didn’t like it. I felt very very dirty. But I couldn’t help myself. It was like reading rough cut vampire Mills and Boon crack. It was dirty sex with a strange man.
I read it because I had a pretty good idea it was awful, and I believe you can’t thoroughly deride something unless you’ve actually experienced it. So I am immensely qualified to say what I like about Twilight and Twihards, which I do freely whenever I encounter it. But I can’t deny it was very easy to read.

But back to the main point- I’d really like to find some books worthy of a ‘glorious go’. I’d like to find some more experiences of feeling gritty and tired and slightly detached after reading all night, with that lingering feeling of immersion in that other world that completely consumed you.
If you find a book that good please let me know.
Especially if it doesn’t have any vampires or emotionally retarded girls who think stalking is a valid display of affection.