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Need a lift in your afternoon? Minted stationary company are running a photo competition with the theme ‘Joy‘.
There are some awesome photos being posted. They really put the fizz back in your blood. There are also a plague of wedding photographers plugging things up, the bane of my existence.
But there are enough real gems amongst the Swarovskis to give you smiles.

Thanks Joy the Baker (who is also a judge) for sharing  🙂

Had a crappy day of that inbetween stage of being sick and getting better, when you’re starting to feel better, but don’t have the energy to actually do anything.
Not totally true, I finally finished off the thank you cards from the Black and White party (3 months, new record!), but I’ve spent the entire afternoon doing… nothing.
I got the excitement of starting an antibiotic with the rather alarming instructions of  ‘don’t lie down for half an hour after taking, it can cause a real burning sensation’. Super. I was also recommended to take it after a full meal, with a really big glass of water to make sure it really got washed down. Oh, and I have to avoid excessive sunlight, iron and calcium supplements and antacids while taking them. I may as well just sit in a box for the week.

You know what though? I was so bored that the command to not lie down meant that all I wanted to do after taking it was have a lie down, and I fell asleep sitting up in a chair. The straight-backed, definitely not reclining, chair. Like an old man.

I need stimulation, help me!

Here’s a random picture to liven up this post. If only it could liven up my day

It irritates me immeasurably that the quest for a decent pot of tea outside one’s home is often bitter and fruitless.

Apart from the joyous flowering of tea houses across Brisbane in recent years, (of which Queenies Tea House was the first and is still the best IMO) regard or skill in making tea has been swept aside in the craze for coffee that has gripped this town. Sure, good coffee is a good thing, but you know by the way you see people wandering about every day prominently clutching their environment harming paper cups like little beacons of pseudo-sophistication that this isn’t about the beverage.
When your 60+ grandma who still eats tinned beetroot in salads orders a macchiato, you know something wacky’s going on.

But I digress. The point of this is that of late I have been continuously disappointed to pay for pots of tea that have been slapped together by waitresses who have no fonking idea about tea, and so make it like it’s a plunger of coffee. The result is usually completely undrinkable, and the fact that I’ll then get charged as much or more than a large coffee for the trouble really gets my goat. Even attempts to reduce the impact of bad tea making by going with herbal blends has backfired. I recently was served a tiny plunger filled 1/3 up with chamomile flowers, so that in the short walk from the counter to my table it was treacle dark and like swallowing pointy knives.

So, all you food and beverage service attendants out there who’ve never been shown how to make tea because who cares? it’s just tea, this is how you assemble a half decent pot of tea in cafe circumstances

  1. Tea is stronger by weight/volume than coffee. You don’t need a tablespoon per cup. In fact 1-2 teaspoons is sufficient for a whole pot. Seriously
  2. Fill the teapot to the top. The cost of water is minimal/zero in this equation, so why are you being so stingy and only filling pots halfway? Can you see that lid? It stops the water spilling out the top, it’s like magic
  3. Cold milk only please. Steamed milk is absolutely undrinkable in tea
  4. Figure out which teas need milk and which don’t. It’s not hard- sniff the tea. If it smells fruity or flowery you probably don’t need it
  5. And lastly for cafe owners, how about some teacups for a change? I’m tired of slurping tea in thick rimmed coffee cups with useless little handles you can’t stick your finger through. I would also ask for pots with internal filters, so you can remove the leaves once the tea’s steeped and they won’t stew and go bitter, but I don’t want to overwhelm you

I unfortunately lack the emotional capacity to tell you how I feel about being served a cup of hot water and a teabag on a plate, so here I will end my rant

Thank you

I couple of years ago D-man and I snuck into the old Morningside campus of the Queensland College of Art, where a not inconsiderable chunk of our youths had been spent by both of us, especially him. The sight has simply been fenced up and left to its own devices, and it was a strange world we wandered into.

The place has an almost post-apocolyptic feel to it, vegetation and stray puddles of rubbish had taken over the whole site, on every level. There’s still a security patrol, so nothing much was smashed up or tagged. It was strangely intact.  The place felt full of ghosts, as if the energy of all the crazy creative  people who passed through that ugly brick maze had been left behind, and is still waiting for them to come home. I snapped these with my dinky phone camera

Usually when you move on to new parts of your life the old places continue to grow and change without you, and going back often makes you feel a little left behind, you have to look for the parts you recognise so you can reconnect. Nostalgia is tempered by balancing your own changes against the changes to the places of your past. But this was different, this felt like without you the place simply stopped cold. A very strange but wonderful experience.
I don’t know what’s happening to the site there, but I hope eventually something great goes in to bring life back to the place, and I don’t mean some hideous housing development of units with double garages to fit 4WD suburban wank machines, or a Nando’s

Oh, and we’re not that hard core. By ‘snuck’  I mean we drove past one day and saw the gates open, so we walked straight in. Sorry to break anyone’s illusions of fence scaling and security guard dodging if you’d had them

So I have driven through the Clem7 twice now. The official verdict?