Dougie has his birthday in very close vicinity to the baby Cheezus, but despite everyone suffering a big bucketload of rich food ennui from multiple Christmas dinners and parties I couldn’t resist working up a couple of special treats for the boy.

His request for a ‘record’ cake resulted in a Bruce Bogtrotter Heroic Chocolate Cake from Jane Brocket’s Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer (awesome book) layered with raspberry cheesecake and covered in dark chocolate ganache. Super rich and like the Birthday Boy getting better with age!

I doctored the label from an image of the label for Blue Suede Shoes

I also made a batch of Linzer cookies from eCurry

I found the flavour to be a little bland after all the hype, but how fonking pretty are these??

I am now taking at least a week’s hiatus from baking, and frankly eating. It’s been a big holiday season and I’ve got New Year’s Eve binge drinking and chip snarfing to get through yet.

Happy New Year!