Had a crappy day of that inbetween stage of being sick and getting better, when you’re starting to feel better, but don’t have the energy to actually do anything.
Not totally true, I finally finished off the thank you cards from the Black and White party (3 months, new record!), but I’ve spent the entire afternoon doing… nothing.
I got the excitement of starting an antibiotic with the rather alarming instructions of  ‘don’t lie down for half an hour after taking, it can cause a real burning sensation’. Super. I was also recommended to take it after a full meal, with a really big glass of water to make sure it really got washed down. Oh, and I have to avoid excessive sunlight, iron and calcium supplements and antacids while taking them. I may as well just sit in a box for the week.

You know what though? I was so bored that the command to not lie down meant that all I wanted to do after taking it was have a lie down, and I fell asleep sitting up in a chair. The straight-backed, definitely not reclining, chair. Like an old man.

I need stimulation, help me!

Here’s a random picture to liven up this post. If only it could liven up my day