So, I have been somewhat preoccupied since getting engaged, and the blogging shrivelled up. Whoops

But the wedding/ being engaged process is a rather bizarre one, and so I’ll track activities and events here. For example, today I:

  • ordered my custom handspun and dyed 1 ply silk yarn
  • contacted a baker about the cake
  • applied for 4 weeks Long Service Leave (real adult innit?? as my cousin put it)
  • checked out a photographer that might do
  • sent the first person the link to the wedding website
  • tonight we will be writing thank you cards from the engagement party and slicing up the save the date cards with our big new guillotine

and how much work did I get done? Not as much as if I were a normal person who was either single, in a relationship or married.
Being engaged is a transitory state, nothing is settled and nothing is quite normal. Everything is focussed on the future, and everyone is allowed to have an opinion on how you get there. I presume pregnancy is a similar sensation, but your body’s in for the ride too.